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Further benefits of the Hostelling International member's card

The HI membership allows you, in addition to the 10% discount in hostels, also many other benefits. At Hostelling International we are aware that backpackers travel the world on a limited budget. That is why we wish to provide them as complete an experience as possible, by allowing them to benefit from the membership’s card discounts.

We are happy there are so many businesses, which recognized the importance of youth travel and have prepared deals for HI members. Mostly these discounts are connected to entrance fees, sightseeing, souvenir shops and similar.

The discounts you are entitled to, with your HI membership card, depends on the country you are visiting and you can see all the benefits HERE. One of best examples is Australia, where HI members can enjoy over 700 benefits.

Discounts and other benefits are also possible in Slovenia. You can find them on the left and there’s also a separate category you can reach through the map above.