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List of tenderers in categorie - Museums and galleries
Technical Museum of Slovenia
20% discount on individual tickets for the Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra near Vrhnika.
Museum of Post and Telecommunications
20% discount on individual tickets for the Museum of Post and Telecommunications.
The Idrija Municipal Museum
40% discount to visit permanent exhibitions of the Idrija Municipal Museum in Idrija and Cerkno Regions.
Steam Train - ABC rent a car, d.o.o.
10% discount on the train ride with the Steam Train along the Bohinj railway.
Posavje Museum Brežice
10% discount on tickets for the Posavje Museum Brežice.
The Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia
2,50€ discount on exhibition fee
The Old Vine House
10% discount on a wine tasting at The Old Vine House
Božidar Jakac Art Museum
Exhibition catalogue -50%
Museum of Illusions
5% discount on adult ticket