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June 2017  
Travel Cheaper
Everyone who likes to travel knows that a cheap plane ticket sometimes just isn’t enough. It is a great start, but the real expenses start when you start travelling. The food, accommodation, entrance fees... Everything can add up a big load of money. more
Women’s Island in Mexico
Modern history of the island began in 19th century where Mayan people found shelter here. They moved from the continent because they were inferior citizens and established the first settlement on the northern part of the island. more
Following Franz Kafka´s steps in Prague
Franz Kafka, the famous writer of The Metamorphosis and The Castle, was born in Prague and spent most of his lifetime in that city. Because my husband is a big fan of this writer, we decided to spend a lovely Easter vacation in Prague. more
Fusine in Valromana
These wonderful lakes are an idyllic destination for a trip with young children. The lakes are located in Italy, only a few kilometers away from the border crossing Rateče in the direction to Trbiž. You can get to the lakes by car, a bike, or you can walk. more
Erasmus trainings and exchanges
Do you enjoy meeting people from other countries? Are you interested in any of the burning topics such as: sustainable life, communication, intercultural understanding... more
Wangerooge Youth Hostel
Germany has more than 500 youth hostels, but the house on Wangerooge Island is one of the most unusual. It’s a west tower, a former reference point for ships. As a landmark of the island, the building is protected as a listed historic monument. more
Mobility: Inclusive Travel and Stay
We believe that benefits of travelling should be inclusive to all, thus HI hostels around the globe are encouraged to adjust their accommodation accordingly. Every design decision has the potential to include or exclude customers. more
Around Northern Netherlands - Part II
We were really amazed by Amsterdam, but me and my friends decided that we want to be even more adventurous and see as much as we can and feel the Holland way of life. So we decided to take a few trips. more
Iran – When the prejudices are silent – Part III
I was well rested when I arrived to Yazd, because their buses are extraordinary, so I was prepared for new adventures. The city has more than half a million inhabitants. more
Green West Bosnia
When you make a decision, you make a decision. Even though it is sudden, unexpected. It was like that with me. I had an opportunity to explore Bosnia and Herzegovina with some hikers from Muta and one of the tourist agencies. more
Bugs for Breakfast
So, what is “Bugs for Breakfast?” It is an initiative to get people talking and to focus on another important source of protein, iron, calcium and zinc in our diet. “Great,” says Danhostel... more
Let’s visit South Africa
Ashanti was one of the first backpacker hostels in South Africa when we opened our doors 25 years ago. Since then we have strived to supply travellers with excellent accommodation and helpful travel advice. We look forward to welcome you here. more