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Nov - Dec 2017  
Christmas Spirit around Europe
Cities across the world are turning into winter wonderlands and if you’re like me, you love it. Where do you want to go this year? If you still don’t know, here are some hints for you to fill your soul with Christmas spirit. more
South Africa – KwaZulu-Natal - Part 2
KwaZulu-Natal province is known for being one of the wildest in South Africa. Zulu tribe is very individual. But first maybe some words about South Africa and its cultural diversity. South Africa has more than 20 different tribes and 11 official languages. more
Spanish, Paella and Beaches
Where will the pat take me this time? I was searching for the next destination that I would discover on my next trip but this time, I had nothing in mind. I just opened the websites of low-cost airlines and decided that I want to fly from Trieste. more
Sustainable tourism
Sustainable tourism is one of the most used terms in tourist industry. Because the term is used so much, it is also used where it shouldn’t be. That is why this article will talk about what is sustainable tourism. more
Lanzarote island is one of the seven Canary Islands. It’s also called Fire Islands and when you arrive, you soon realize why. The landscape is picturesque. Caves, vineyards, beaches, hills and flatlands have one thing in common: lava. more
HI card in Slovenia
The birds are chirping that HI membership card brings you a lot of discounts. You get a 10% discount on accommodations in HI youth hostels but what else? If you have your card and don’t know what to do with it, keep reading. more
Madagascar - Part 2
The day was hot while I was driving to city Morondava. I was looking for a place to stop and drink a glass of water and talk to a local. I drove to the city and saw the sign “Restoran” by the road. I quickly stopped and sat at a table. more
Beautiful Romania - Part 1
I spent this year’s vacation in the company of hikers, travelling around one of the eastern European countries – Romania. What can you expect from an unknown country on the east of Europe? I didn’t expect anything but got an unforgettable adventure in return. more
Given its size, it is quite remarkable how historically rich and culturally diverse Malta is. It is a good holiday destinations for those who wish to both relax at the beach and explore sights of historical importance and natural beauty. more
Financial Sustainability
HI have taken a month to discuss and point out hostels who are making an effort in financial sustainability. They have a great contribution on social and environmental areas through their programmes and activities. more
Olševa Mountain
Full of interesting things and beautiful views. It is a mountain that everyone should visit. Olševa Mountain is the mountain that looks over three valleys in Koroška region: Savinja valley, Ramšenik in Austria and Koprivna valley. more
Experience History and Culture
Four youth hostels in Germany will take you on a journey back in time with their new programmes. As if you were in a time capsule you will travel to the Stone Age, the Middle Ages or the 18th Century. All these destinations are recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. more