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September 2017  
A Time to travel
Life is a wonderful gift. It really is, and as we travel and experience more of the world and life, we often become overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for all the beautiful moments we enjoyed and people we’ve shared them with. more
Meet Adrianna
Be it a gap year or exciting opportunity to brush up on your language skills abroad, au-pair programme seems to be a life-changing experience. I had a chance to meet Adrianna at a career fair and got immediately hooked by her story. more
HI Slovenia takes over Budapest
Budapest, the modern-day capital of Hungary, is one of Europe’s largest and most densely populated cities, which was formally established in the late 19th century by bridging Buda and Pest on the opposite sides of the Danube. more
Eurotrip with Children
My mother, two children and I went on a eurotrip. We travelled by car through Austria, Germany to our goal point, Luxembourg and went back through France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria to Slovenia. more
Slovenia in Swedish eyes - Part 1
Slovenia is a complete mystery to a lot of foreigners so people are usually surprised at its beauty. That’s exactly what happened when our friends from Sweden came. They got here by the Norwegian airlines, which regularly fly between Stockholm and Venice. more
Pokljuka Ridge and Dovška Baba
We started our hike on Saturday morning on Rudno polje on Pokljuka and walked towards Planinca mountain. The path was leading us through the forest, past the ski run and continued through the forest again. more
Six places you can’t miss on your Aussie holiday
Sydney is probably your first stop when you arrive in Australia and the jaw-dropping view of the Harbour City from the plane window provides an unforgettable first impression. more
Amazing HI Membership Discounts
It's probably no secret that HI membership card brings you 10% discount on every stay at HI hostel. But what else can you do with it? Where can you get some additional discounts and save some hard earned money? more
Our communities – Giving back and building bridges
HI has been committed to supporting the communities around our hostels and contributing to the protection of local historical, culturally and spiritually important properties and sites in all parts of the world. more
Iceland, the country up there
Iceland is an island country in the northern Atlantic. It lies between Greenland and Great Britain, northwest of the Faroe islands. Iceland is a country, which you grow to love fast because of its diverse nature and people’s openness. more
Wellness and relax at Balaton Lake
Keszthely is located at the western shore of Balaton Lake, in Hungary, and it is the perfect combination of culture, fun, sun, relaxation and wellness. "I am surprised why it is not a bigger tourist destination... " said Barbara. more
Iran, when prejudices are silent - Part 5
Tehran is one of the 30 biggest capitals in the world and certainly worth a visit as it inspires people with its history, new architecture and cultural achievements. There are many great museums, palaces, temples and monuments inside the city. more
World Cultural Heritage Lübeck
The merchants made the Baltic city rich and powerful and built many significant buildings. The Old Town of Lübeck has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for 30 years. The trade routes were secured by the Hanseatic League. more
Get on your feet and discover nature
Autumn is the perfect time for hiking and who knows better the most stunning places of the beautiful Salzkammergut Lake Region than the people who live there? Therefore, we asked our hostel managers for their favourite hiking tours. more