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Youth Hostel DIC
Youth Hostel DIC
Poljanska cesta 26
1000 Ljubljana
+386 (0)1 474 86 30
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Hostel DIC - Ljubljana is only ten minutes from the city center Ljubljana in nice atmosphere under the castle hill. The rooms are available from June 25th to August 25th. There are 600 beds for separate guests or organized groups. Guests can use the classrooms and the audio-video equipment.

If previously arranged, you can also dine at the hostel. There’s a smaller stadium in front of the DIC, with basketball and indoor football fields as well as the athletic track. The hostel also has many parking places.

The hostel DIC - Ljubljana can also host cultural, artistic events, symposiums, and similar, since it has all the organizational and logistic support for such events. Apart from board they also offer two media rooms for presentation or simply internet connections.

- It’s open 0-24, from June 25th to August 25th
- 10 min from the city center
- possible secure parking
- free internet
- recreation facilities
- capable of hosting larger events in the fields of education, art, or culture