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Today we often hear the word project. We often think of something boring, something that is done and planned between four walls, away from people. We imagine a program as an enormous blank piece of paper that must be filled in. But the projects of the Hostelling International Slovenia are more than that. They are fun and educational. They help you learn about life in a playful way. If you are interested in projects related to travel and sustainable tourism, then you are on the right site.

Participation in the project gives you a sense of connection. You are looking forward to the good results of the project and are learning from the bad ones. We have several types of projects. We have projects that are happening in your home surroundings, as well as those that are happening in the big world. You can participate in all of them. Travelling and sustainable tourism are always the main theme of the projects.

We have executed a lot of interesting projects in a past. Together with volunteers from 8 European countries, we learned to write and carry out the Erasmus project in Bovec. We also executed a project Sleeping for peace, where we wanted to introduce HI hostels as safe places to rest and promote foreign cultures. On this day, we hosted numerous campaigns with the greatest importance on getting to know new people. You can also apply for a project to foreign countries, where, together with other travelling souls, you study and take part in workshops. We also have a lot of competitions where you can get nice rewards for your articles, photographs or films. The prize is usually an accommodation in one of our hostels or a ticket to an attraction.

You get to know new friends through the projects and get a lot of useful information from the areas that interest you. You also get informal competence that will looked great on your CV. We recommend you to regularly visit our site with current projects and soon it will surely be a project that perfect for you.