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Become a Hostelling International Slovenia Volunteer

Do you have a soul of a traveller? Is your life boring? Do you have too much energy and so many ideas? Do you want changes in this chaotic world? Do you have the free time to help others? Are you searching for experience in tourism and to work in non-governmental organization? Do you want to meet positive people who know that learning while travelling is the only way to travel? Then we would like to kindly invite you to join Hostelling International Slovenia as a volunteer and broaden your knowledge on many fields and help the organization which tries to introduce a new way of travelling to people and a new way to live.

It has been known for a long time that travelling is a great way to gain new knowledge and become more educated. Alma Karlin, a famous author, wrote in one of her books: “Travelling the world is a quick life lesson, as people quickly remove their masks they wear at home. That is why they learn more in one day than at home in a few months, years.” She travelled a big part of the world in time when travelling wasn’t an every-day activity. Despite not having a lot of money and other difficulties, she didn’t give up. She knew the benefits that travelling brings and that gave her books a special touch. She talked about the beauty of the nature she travelled in and wrote about it with such dedication and love. She wrote about the parts of the world that were so different to people. It is much easier today. We travel whenever we can, we only need some knowledge, skills and experience. Do you want to know how? Join Hostelling International Slovenia and a new door will open. A door to a different world, the world of cultures, knowledge and life chances.

Before signing a contract for indeterminate time, you will have to sign a contract for three months. In that time, we will get to know each other and see what kind of work you want to do as a volunteer.

Every volunteer is an individual. We are aware that people are different and can bring different skills to the organization. We will try to search for the best in you and give you a job that you want, that will broaden your knowledge and complete your skills. Join our group of volunteers and take the opportunities that we offer to you.