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About Voluntary program

In volunteering, it is essential for you to do something that you believe in and to do something that you like. Volunteering gives you a sense of usefulness, and it also offers you many possibilities for a smile. Volunteering can be done with different organizations, but if you are interested in topics related to tourism and travel, then you only have one choice, Hostelling International Slovenia. Your help is important, because with it we grow, and we can offer you even more. 

As a volunteer you have the opportunity to perform a variety of activities from promoting the society itself and the HI network, and also participating in various projects and writing the travel reports about your trips and other topics. Volunteering for us is very diverse and you can always find something for yourself. You can help us with your photographic and graphic design, you can engage in promotion of our society outdoors or through social networks. And you always have the option to write an article for our own online newspaper. We will also be happy to welcome you in our office.

Through our projects and activities, we encourage people to spend time outdoors. We encourage travelling among our volunteers. Traveling is encouraged even so much that, in cooperation with some other Hostelling International organizations, we have designed our HI Connect program, which aims to send volunteers to an exchange in the HI Hostel in another country. With the help of the program, you can learn even more about living and working abroad and helping the host in your taste. In exchange, you are staying at the host and are eating our super food. Also listen to the adventures of our volunteers who shared their program experience in this clip. Here you can also find other ways to become a volunteer abroad, and spend your holidays in a different, but in a very educational and entertaining way. Above all, we try to spread the news about sustainable tourism among young people, where getting informal education is more important than lying on the beach and sightseeing. Only volunteering gives you a lot of experience and you have fun at the same time. You get a lot of informal competencies, which are especially desirable for employers, as they get an image of what your values are. You also get to know the great people who give you inspiration about what to do with your life. Who knows, maybe you also get to inspire someone to go and explore the world and follow your footsteps.

If we haven't convinced you, we invite you to watch the YouTube video, where our volunteers will surely convince you with their volunteer stories.