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By submitting personal information, you agree that Hostelling International Slovenia uses your information to send me e-mails, regarding the topics I chose. You are aware that you may unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time by clicking the link in the received e-mail. Hostelling International Slovenia uses strict system of prior approval of use of personal data, which means that we may send the e-mail only to persons who agree to receive e-mails from HI Slovenia.

Hostelling International Slovenia will protect and keep personal information in accordance with Law on Data Protection. Personal information that we receive from us based on your agreement, are saved in the personal information database, which is technologically safe and protected and may be accessed only by the authorized employees of Hostelling International Slovenia. In case the personal data safety is in danger, we will, without delay, not later than 72 hours after being informed about the threatened safety of personal information, inform the authorities.

Your rights:

  • You may request the amendment of incorrect personal information at any time.
  • You may request the access into your information or the deletion of your personal information at any time.
  • You may request to limit the use of your personal information in case they are incorrect, illegal or request for Hostelling International Slovenia to stop processing your personal information or file a complaint at any time.
  • You may request Hostelling International Slovenia to send you your personal information that we process.

We commit not to lend or sell your personal information to third party without prior notice or your written approval. Personal information will be submitted to a third party only in case of entering a prize competition or other competitions, which are carried out with cooperation with outside partners.