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Sustainable tourism

When we travel, we sometimes get a feeling that the place is too crowded with tourist. We wish to have space to put down our towel or to take a photo without people in front of a famous church. We would like to eat local food and not go to a fast food chain restaurant that we also have available at home. We want to get an authentic experience and not something touristy.

Hostelling International Slovenia is aware of the good and the bad consequences of the development of tourism in the world. We want to encourage good use of tourism, so we decided to promote and support sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism brings welfare to the locals and doesn’t impact the nature. It is important that the uniqueness and authenticity of the places stay the same for the generations to come.

Sustainable tourism is becoming more and more important, as many people want to avoid the tourist spots. They are searching for the locations where they will have contact with the locals and with untouched nature, but there are less and less places that have that. Overcrowded tourist spots aren’t the only problem, but it is also a problem that tourists leave a lot of trash and unsatisfied locals behind them. Hostelling International Slovenia wants to help develop sustainable tourism, so we have devoted a new section on our site to sustainable tourism where we will publish articles from our volunteers who will choose to write about sustainable tourism. The articles will be about tourism, that is far away from the mass tourism we all know. Our goal is to promote the mobility of the young and sustainable tourism, so more people would try it, which would result in a better future of our planet. We want to give as many information as we can to the young travellers to help them travel sustainably.

Articles, published on our website all come from experience and research of our volunteers. If you’re looking for a different way of travelling, it means that you should read them and get inspired for your next trip.

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