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Become a journalist

Are people tired of your travel stories and hearing it hundreds of times? Do you think they didn’t show enough enthusiasm or interest while listening to it? We offer you the opportunity to become our journalist and you can lay your adventures and feelings on the paper (or in this case, on the keyboard) for everyone to read. You will have the opportunity to charm others with your style and become their inspiration.

Write about your travels, your adventures and your emotions. Describe your paths in different parts of the world, and you can also make some tips on how to make this journey possible to others. You do not have to write only about traveling, but you may also write about all your experiences that you have gained worldwide. About all workshops and seminars which you participated in. We will be happy of all the articles that talk about tourism that takes place far away from the big hotel complexes and far away from all the negative consequences of tourism. We want more and more people to be aware of the negative effects of tourism and to start thinking about how to make their journeys as sustainable as possible.

The purpose is to encourage people to decide to go on a journey that would make the local population as happy as possible and pollute the environment as little as possible. With your articles, you will have a chance to motivate others to change their travel thinking and join us in a battle for a better tomorrow. With the articles, you will expand the mindset and positivity of our society. You will help us grow and get more people to think like us. You may also write about all your study exchanges or work experience abroad so that more young people will decide on a similar path. You can finally share your opinion about tourism and its growth.

We have our own online newspaper Globetrotter, where we will be happy to publish your articles and share them on social networks. This also means that the magazine is a great solution for anyone who does not want to deal with his own blog, especially deal with promotion. Of course, we also welcome all active bloggers to share their positive experiences. We are responsible of promotion on our social media channels. Become a member of our journalistic family and write for your soul and for the souls of all your readers.