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Cookies on website

The homepage of Popotniško združenje Slovenije wishes to ensure its visitors always accurate relevant information. By recognising what content is interesting for our visitors and what they are searching for while on our site we can better suit their needs. We never pass date to any third party and we do not track visitors as individuals. We only track anonymous information.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files used by most web sites and save the file on the user’s device to access the web. Their archiving is under the complete control of the user, for each user is able to limit the creation of cookies or even to turn them off within the browser they use.

Why do we need them?

Cookies are of vital importance to insure user friendly usage of web sites services.
Interaction between the user and web site is much faster and easier with the use of cookies. With their help various user preferences and experience are saved, which saves time while browsing, which becomes more pleasant and efficient.
Most sites use cookies, for they offer a handy way to keep fresh and appropriate content in line with interests of the online users. Based on statistic date about the visitors of the web site the managers of the site can see the efficiency of their design of the site as well as how relevan certain ads offered on the site are.

Cookies used at

Name of the cookie Application Lasting
_fb* Facebook Up to 3 months
_g* Google analytic Up to 2 years
cookieconsent_dismissed 1 year
yh_user_lang Single session
yhsession Single session
yh_promo 1 day

In case you want to remove the cookies we suggest you follow the procedure described by your online browser – most common browsers are: