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Since you've visited our website, we assume you have a passion for travelling.
You came to the right place to find many hints and ideas as well as suggestions for quality budget travelling.
It is HI Slovenia's mission for years now, to make travel more accessible to people and with it get to know foreign cultures, that is why we’re offering backpackers various hints and tips where to spend their holidays.
Here you’ll find various travel journals as well as useful information connected to traveling at home or abroad. Clicking the map you select the desired destination and enjoy the adventures of fellow backpackers, who had already visited that place.
Let them inspire you and help you decide where to travel to. Personal experience is surely the best reference to convince you to undertake a voyage and visit a certain location. So do not let yourself to be disturbed and enjoy the beauty and sights of the world.
If you’ve just returned from a trip and wish to share the experience with fellow travelers, or have some photographs you’d like to show, contact our online magazine Globetrotter. We’re sure your personal experience will help others to decide where to travel. We will reward you for this with a one year free membership, that allows you accommodation in our Youth Hostels (check them out at ) with a membership discount.