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Become a volunteer of Hostelling International Slovenia!

Hostelling International Slovenia is a non-governmental and non-profit youth organization, concerned with the mobility of the youth, especially connected to youth travelling, which tries to encourage young and young at heart to explore their homeland as well as foreign cultures. We wish to motivate the youth to gain traveling experience from their homeland as well as from abroad and we help them do that through our network of over 4.000 Youth Hostels throughout the world.

The activities of the organization base on people, volunteers, who contribute their free time and experience into development of youth travel. If you would like to contribute, let us know and we will be more than happy to include you in our program.
As volunteers you can help contribute to the  Hostelling International Slovenia through various ways:
- help in promotional campaigns,
- journalist and reporting engagement with the online travel magazine Globetrotter,
- joining interesting projects at home or abroad.

Despite volunteer character of your contributions, we realize this takes up your time, you could use for something else, which could even be paid for. That is why we have decided, that for people who place special effort, knowledge and experience into their volunteer work, we are offering compensation, which can be either material or financial.

For joining the projects, at home or abroad, we are trying to ensure the funds for the travel and board. In return we expect the volunteers would actively participation, for theat’s the only way to gain new knowledge and experience, which can help a volunteer further on in life. This is also the way they can help back the Hostelling International Slovenia, by sharing their experience and newly gained knowledge, so others can learn from their active participation in projects as well.

»Experience, interesting projects, workshops, getting to meet new people and their cultures, socializing, travelling… You’ll get all of these and much more, if you happen to decide to become a volunteer and join the  Hostelling International Slovenia. It is vivid, creative, merry, fun and all out great work. It’s a very good experience for everybody. In less than three years of my volunteer work I have not had a single bad experience. What I like most is that Hostelling International Slovenia always offers me many interesting projects and workshops outside Slovenia. Through Hostelling International Slovenia I have visited Sarajevo, Switzerland and Israel. Especially Israel was unforgettable,« said Ajda Račečič, has been a Hostelling International Slovenia volunteer for three years.
»For several years now I’m writing articles as a volunteer for online magazine Globetrotter – and they are all connected to my greatest passion: travel! It is my pleasure to share the experience with others and maybe help somebody decide or tickle their fancy to go and explore the world we live in … I’ve also gotten several positive feedbacks, which is always nice to receive and is a good simulative to keep working! It is always nice to contribute to the spirit of travel, which helps to explore and know other nations, cultures, believes… and ultimately brings down barriers,« said Igor Fabjan, a journalist for the online magazine Globetrotter.
»I’ve joined the Hostelling International Slovenia as a volunteer in 2010 and have remained a member of the team ever since I’ve experienced how nice it is to be young and mobile. I’ve experienced many new things, travelled to distant places I’ve never seen before, and met many new people with whom I still keep in touch. Volunteer work enriches me and spices up my student years with adventures, therefore I’m conserving my strength for further travel.« said Petra Kosi, who really took on the role of a Hostelling International Slovenia volunteer.
»A man’s free time is his greatest treasure, therefore you should not waste it. I spend it quite actively and because I see the things I do for fun can be of interest to other people, sharing my experience is my volunteer contribution. Volunteering thus offers me to tell people about who I am. I love to explore and photograph… and I can combine both in an article for Globetrotter, and what do you know, I’m a volunteer reporter.« said Borut Jurišić, our loyal traveller!
“You are as young as you fell and as mobile as you can imagine! That is why volunteering with HI Slovenia is a great opportunity for all whom travelling is an essential thing in life. My volunteer work with HI Slovenia has brought me in contact with new knowledge, enabled me to travel to countries which I probably would not gone to otherwise and the most important thing of all, it enabled me to meet many new and interesting people. Some have and still do leave an important footprint in my life. Travelling is a passion from the first moment I put on my backpack and travelled into the unknown and now I´m lucky enough to share my travels with you over the web magazine Globetrotter” said Anja Turk a volunteer for HI Slovenia.

Would you like to join the Popotniško združenje Slovenije as a volunteer? If so, just fill out the APPLICATION and send it to us to info@youth-hostel.si !