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Veronika Bastl

Volunteer of Hostelling International Slovenia

By following my heart and my intuition, and by trusting them, I’m taking control of my own life. Each trip, be it short or long, is the result of my inner impulse, of the moment when I feel it’s something I have to do for myself. As a young professional in the field of environmental protection, I’m as sustainable and conscious as possible when it comes to travelling. Some would say it must be my profession! Still, to be conscious in your life and strive for things that really make you better means to live sustainably, without making an effort.

I am present in each moment that I experience. I explore each new city and each new natural environment with all my heart and my sense, not just with my eyes. Travelling and the people I meet help me cultivate my view of the world.

The first rule that I’ve learned to apply in practice even more through travelling: “Never hold your tongue!” The stories of people I meet are really motivating. All these different views of the world. All the crazy and interesting stories! And good sustainable practices and innovations in different countries help expand my ideas about the different ways I can contribute to the common good.

People who know me, call me a nature freak. Much more than the touristy cities, I prefer to explore the beauty of remote places in natural environments, go on hours-long walks on my own, discover new ecosystems, and learn about the old cultural traditions, the ones where people knew they were part of nature and lived in harmony with it.

My writings reflect my personal experience from travels as well as my reactions and feelings when facing natural and cultural landmarks. In addition to that, I also share new knowledge and practical tips for the regions I’ve visited, interesting facts about the places I’ve been to, and ways to help people consciously and sustainably travel the world. How to take full advantage of the given opportunity, the life we were gifted, the chance to create experiences and adventures, which we’ll never forget and which make us better!

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