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Sarajevo is the capital and also the largest city of Bosnia-Hercegovina, which is found on the Adriatic Sea overlooking Italy. The diverse range of buildings in Sarajevo is testament to the multi-cultural population that lives in the city. The city has a great wealth of culture and history and is rapidly becoming a popular choice of destination for travellers in search of great buildings from a wide range of cultures and religions.


  • Sarajevo is a city which has a lot of history and as such it has a good number of cultural and historical buildings to offer visitors. These include the centrally located Museum of Sarajevo and the National theatre of Bosnia and Herzegovina which was established in 1919. Other historical destinations include the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Jesus’s heart, Sarajevo City Hall and the cobbled streets of the old town Bashcharshiya.
  • Sarajevo is also famous for hosting the 1984 Winter Olympics and many of these buildings can still be visited including Sarajevo Olympic Swimming Pool and Mirza Delibasic Arena. Football is also very popular in Sarajevo and fans may want to visit the Asim Ferhatovic Hase Stadium which was reconstructed for the Olympics and is now called the Olympic Stadium.   
  • The Sarajevo Film Festival, which was established in 1995 has become the premier Balkans film festival and has been entertaining celebrities from the international world for many years. The festival is held in August and showcases a wide variety of features and short films from around the world. 

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There are many bars and small restaurants in Sarajevo and great places for trying some local cuisine. Some local dishes to try include Sarajevski sahan which are vegetables stuffed with meat and rice and Bosanski lonac, a Bosnian pot filled with veal, vegetables and flavoured with cardamom and cinnamon. The old town Bashcharshiya is a great place to start for travellers looking for traditional Sarajevo cuisine and nightlife.


The city is very tourist-friendly with a tourist office right in the middle of town. The city is served by a spinal tram system that make a loop around the city and also buses that connect the suburbs. Tickets for travel can be bought slightly cheaper in advance from kiosks labelled tisak, or directly from the driver.
For those looking to see a little more of Sarajevo, then there are hiking/trekking tours for those wanting to see more of nature and the surrounding city; and also mountain biking tours for the nearby hills and mountains. There is also rafting available on the many rivers around the city.  

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