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The Brazilian Culture Box

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Brazil? Do you think of the New Year beach party or the endless Amazon rainforest, or do your ears prick up at the sound of samba? Now, in your mind, travel to Brazil, to the lively atmosphere of football matches or to the foot of one of the many waterfalls and help us fill the Brazilian culture box.

A few months ago, you helped us gather suggestions as to what we could put in the Slovenian culture box. Our amazing box full of Slovenian items has already been sent to Belgium and now we’re eagerly awaiting the Brazilian one. We’re curious to know what your thoughts are. What do you think will be in the Brazilian box? Don’t forget the box will contain items representing the country and its customs, culture, language, and main landmarks. Who knows, we might even get the whole statue of Christ that overlooks Rio de Janeiro.

Though, since it’s a box, there won’t be any large or heavy items inside. Endangered animals and plants are also out of the question, since sending them is illegal.

So, imagine yourself looking at the Amazon River or observing the Brazilians while they dance, and send us your thoughts.

All who send us their suggestions will receive a code for a free postcard, which they can send using the MyPostcard app.

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