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The Slovenian Culture Box

Our HI family is a lively union of different national HI organisations promoting a different, yet educational way of travelling. These organisations share common values and are at the same time distinct from one another just as different nations differ in their cultural and linguistic features. Together, however, they set up international projects with the aim to promote world peace. The Sleep for Peace campaign is one of such projects, promoting hostels as safe places for all people.

This year’s campaign will be somewhat different – an exchange of culture boxes among national hostel organisations. A culture box is a box representing the culture, language specificities and customs of the country of each national organisation. Hostelling International Slovenia will therefore receive a box from Brazil, and the Slovenian box will be sent to our partners in Belgium. That’s where you come in. We need your help choosing the box contents.

We would like to know the following: What do you think belongs in the Slovenian culture box?

The items must be related either to the Slovenian language, Slovenian customs, features that are distinctly Slovenian, Slovenia’s sights and attractions or even stereotypes about Slovenians. The items can come in a great variety of forms, from recipes and a Slovenian dictionary to a typical souvenir that includes a description. It therefore needs to be an item that you think represents Slovenia and its inhabitants. Don’t forget that the box will be forwarded through the postal service, so its contents mustn’t be too heavy. Sadly, there won’t be any room for a bear from Kočevje. Send us your suggestions and help us make our box look truly superb.

All who send us their suggestions will receive a code for a free postcard, which they can send using the MyPostcard app.

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